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Craft (verb) | \’kraft\

to make or produce with care, skill, or ingenuity.

At Craft Videography, we aren’t just making you a wedding video. We plan, shoot, edit, and produce a film of your wedding day. No detail is overlooked, and no short cuts are made in creating a memoir that can be cherished by you and your loved ones for a lifetime. We have years of wedding cinematography and photography experience under our belts, and work with an unprecedented level of professionalism in creating your story.  At Craft, there are a variety of levels of production available to fit both your needs and budget.

Why Craft?

Everyone is different. Why should all wedding videos be the same?

The Gear

Modern high-definition DSLRs, wireless microphones, LED lighting. You can rest assured that only the latest and greatest technology available is being used to record your day.

Videos with a Personality

What sets us apart from others is our ability to bring captured moments to life. Relive a memory every time you press play.


Let’s talk about it. Not a fan of the way something looked on your best friend’s wedding video? We’ll make sure we do everything in our ability to make everything perfect, for you.  

Who Is Craft?



Adam is a 2010 SUNY New Paltz Radio & TV Production grad. He grew up behind the lens of a camera; starting in film photography, then digital, and finally moving into cinematography in college. Adam has done video work for MTV, ESPN, and other major production outlets as well as projects with smaller, more local studios. Although full-time employed in the IT industry, his passion for the moving picture has never wavered. Growing up on the serene beaches of Long Island during the week and the hustle of the City on the weekends is reflected in the style of the films he creates. With an admiration for the outdoors, music, and anything with an engine; his “always moving forward” personality together with a love for creating video is shown in the product he creates.

Our Work

Check out our most recent projects below.


Please contact us regarding pricing.

At Craft, your wedding day is our only wedding. You don’t pay extra for more time or special equipment. No matter the size or length of your big day, we are there from beginning to end, with every piece of equipment we have. As far as packages, we keep it simple and offer one package; with what we believe to be everything you need and nothing you don’t. 

  • All footage recorded in 1080p high-definition using state of the art equipment and methodology.
  • 3-5 minute “sizzle” reel highlighting your wedding day: getting ready, the ceremony, the reception and everything in between. This short, yet eloquently made video is easy to show and share with friends and family in person and online using any device: from your computer to your iPhone.
  • Raw footage “Memory Clips” of important moments of the day. This is not a large, unedited file; they are moments cut into smaller clips of the moments as they happened. Including but not limited to:
    • Ceremony
    • First dance
    • Parent dances
    • Cake cutting
  • All above files mentioned included on two USB drives.

Why don’t you make an hour long movie and put it on a disc? Craft offers a simpler option than many other wedding video providers. This way, we can set our prices lower.

Why is there no raw footage option? The cameras are always rolling. With raw footage, you can end up with over 12 hours of video footage. Not only is that 12 hours of video for you to go through, that’s almost 300 gigabytes of media… More than you can probably fit on your computer’s hard drive. That’s why we isolate those “Memory Clips” from your special day into a few small and easy to watch files.

Original Design Filmography

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